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I’m an independent singer, songwriter, vocal artist and driven entrepreneur with a home studio, which means fast turnarounds for your projects! Schedule a discovery call with me to find out if I’m the right fit, and if so, what your project’s turnaround time and price would be.

All prices in USD. Some of my services are available on external freelancing sites, and are given as options for you below. You can also choose to go directly through me, I am set up to take online payments securely.

Voice Services

My services include 2 revisions. Additional revisions are available if requested. Prices are based off of 60 to 90 seconds of produced work. This means you are receiving mixed and edited high quality audio files in mp3 or wav format, ready  to be dropped into your project.

Session Singer – $50

With 5 years of musical experience in musical theatre as well as recording, I’ve learned how to listen to and interperet the director/leader’s ideas. You don’t need to know the proper musical “lingo” to bring your amazing ideas to life!

My main singing genres are rock, blues and electronic, but I’m versatile and open to most projects. Let’s get on a call and find out if I’d be the right fit for you.

Voiceover artist – $30

If you need a spoken part recorded in a female voice for your animated movie, video game, radio ad or any other creative project, I’m your girl!

I’m an English speaking woman with a Canadian accent and can also impersonate a variety of regional American and British accents.

I have a wide vocal range, and a background in drama classes and camps throughout my life; you can rely on me to deliver the tone of voice that you need, whether that’s neutral, serious, comedic, or anything in between!

Feel free to check out my voice reels below to hear a few sample projects.

Music/Audio Services

Lyric Writing – $30

Do you have a beautiful instrumental, or idea for a song, but are stumped on the perfect words to complete it? Let’s talk it out in a concept call: you can tell me about the details of the theme and context of the song, and I’ll come back to you with some lyrical ideas. Price includes the concept call, first and second revision to lyrics. This does not include a voice recording. Please see Session Singer above if you also need me to sing your lyrics!

Lyric Writing & Melody Concept- $50

If you do not yet have the melody planned out for the lyrics of your song, I will do everything listed above plus work with you on creating a memorable melody line.

Hire me for Lyric Writing Right Now on Fiverr!

Custom Tune – $60-$100

A custom song for your business advertisements, the intro to your video or podcast, or just a really fun gift to a loved one! 

I’ll take notes during our call about the main focus you want your tune to have. I will ask you what purpose this song will be serving, the tone (is it serious or comical?), if you have words in mind for lyrics, the genre/style you want, and if you have any deadlines.

Price will be based off of length, as well as if it’s instrumental or with lyrics/vocals. All my services include 2 revisions. Turnaround times vary for this project. I can give you an estimate when we have our discovery call.