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About Me

I’m a small town Canadian weirdo who’s always seemed to have a unique perspective on the world.

When I was younger, I would constantly be playing make-believe that I was a dinosaur, or a dog, or some other animal, running on hands and feet outside in the wild grasses. Pretending to be anything but human was far more appealing to me than playing house, or playing with makeup.. And that hasn’t really changed lol!

I’ve always loved music and written lyrics, but because my self confidence was so lacking growing up, I never allowed myself to pursue music in any serious sense.

As the years pass, the desire to sing, play music and get it out into the world just continues to burn brighter and becomes harder to ignore. So now I am finally putting fear aside to share my soul in the form of songs.

At the time of writing this, my genre is still evolving… I hope that you will stick around for my journey!

I don’t write your average song of love or vanity… Sure, there might be some of that in there, but my music often lines up with my values and beliefs:

I’m a realist. I don’t believe in putting my faith or responsibility into a higher being, but I do believe there is a higher connection between us and all of Earth’s beings – so be kind to all life!

I’m not into pussy-footing around to save feelings, so if you’re easily offended please kindly sign off of my site as I am not for you!

BUT, if you’d rather hang out with animals than other people… If you can handle sarcasm and a little dark humor… We’ll be great friends.

If you’re interested in collaborating with me, email me at Or, if you’d like me to be the voice of your song or spoken project, hit up my Work With Me page.