Best link-in-bio tool sites for artists, musicians and creators

If you’re a creative entrepreneur, you most likely have multiple site links like your YouTube channel, Spotify profile, etc that you want to share. Most of us are familiar with the link in bio sites available like LinkTree, Linkinbio, Later, the list goes on and on.

The only issue with some of these sites is that their free versions are limited, or the layouts aren’t geared toward more “artsy” clients, offering few media embedding or monetization options.

That’s why I decided to spend a good week searching and comparing the different link in bio site options, testing their features, and came out with two superior options (in my opinion).

These two sites both offer a lot of fun features unique to their platform, but they also have a lot of similarities, so in the end it’s up to you to try them out and decide which one is going to suit your needs best. Either of them could easily replace Patreon, Onlyfans and other membership and media sites.


WithKoji is a free link in bio page that offers you the ability to add links and embed media. There are pre-made themes, or your can customize the look of your page including changing the background colour or image, the shape of your link buttons and font.

Then you choose from apps (called templates), to add things like links and media. The media embeds are pop-out style, staying small until clicked on and then keeping your audience in your site to complete an action. You can monetize in multiple ways by accepting tips, selling services/digital products and more with low transaction fees varying from about 5%-15%. Other templates allow you toand display any kind of content and engage with your audience all in one place.

I like WithKoji as an affordable but very accessible way to have a site that looks uniquely yours. I also like that they’re clearly in it for the sake of the end user, they don’t even have an upgrade option. You can, however, buy your own custom domain somewhere like Namecheap and connect it to your Koji page if you want to get rid of the generic “” link.

Beacons AI

The other link in bio site is Beacons AI. Beacons is also fully customizable, and has a very beautiful and sleek layout. You can add colours or stock photos as your background, choose from a huge variety of fonts, and make a colour palette.

Like Koji, Beacons has a variety of “blocks” you can add to your page to build your audience, display your content and monetize your work. Unlike Koji however, blocks like media embedded into your Beacons page is full size, not pop-out style. I like this because viewers see my song or video right away without having to click first.

You can also add more than one page to your Beacons site, which allows you to split up your content more neatly into categories.

There is also now a media kit page. When I first looked into Beacons, this didn’t exist. If you’re looking to work with brands, a media kit is an essential site for you to have so brands can see all of your social media demographics in one place, which you can use as leverage to get higher offers.

Beacons is free to use, and there’s an option to upgrade for $10/month. Upgrading gives you a custom domain, more blocks, and more page tabs, basically turning it into a full website. On the free plan, Beacons’ transaction fee for any sales made is 9%, and on the upgraded plan it’s 5%. Check out their full list of features here.

I like Beacons for its modern features like TikTok Shop, and the way the media embedding looks. I think it’s a great choice for someone looking to take their craft seriously as a business, and streamline the process.

Like I said, overall, these two sites are very similar and it’s up to you to decide which you prefer. I almost wish the two would have a baby because there are features of one that I love, that the other lacks. You know? The good news is they’re both free, so why don’t you try them both out and let me know which one you chose? #kojivsbeacons

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