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About Me

Hi! I’m Jess

rebel; mom; boss lady

Rebel with a kid: making my own rules

Hi, I’m Jess! Thanks for checking out my blog. So you wanna know a bit about me, huh? Well, I’m a married mother of one gorgeous human boy, two adorable doggo’s and two guinea pigs, who are like the dogs’ pets? Moving on.

I call myself a “rebel with a kid” because for one, becoming a mom did not mean becoming more “tame” (aka, “proper” ๐Ÿ™Š)! I still swear a little too much, hate cooking and the dishes that come with it twice as much, but most importantly I love my family 1000%! Second, like the phrase I’m playing off of, “rebel with a cause,” I try to make conscious decisions in my everyday life that might go against the flow, be harder or less convenient, but the right thing to do and the right message to leave behind.

Here are a few more things about me:

๐ŸŽคI’m super into all things music, and I especially love karaoke!

๐ŸŒŽI’m trying to be more earth-friendly every day, and try to spread awareness about our huge waste problem whenever I can, without being a total bummer about it!

๐Ÿ’ปI love to write. I write song lyrics, blog posts, and dream of writing non-fiction eventually. I’m much more cohesive with the written word than speaking- but I’m working on that.ย 

Lastly, I’m still working onย me… My confidence, my time management skills (of which I have none), and so many other things, haha! But I know I still have a desire to share my message.




When my son was a little less than 3, my husband (then fiance) Scott and I opened our own business, a phone repair shop in our lovely small town in Beatiful British Columbia! I love the self employment journey, but have started to realize that I’m still not doing what I love as a career! So I’m putting myself out there online to document my journey to learning how to turn my passion for music and creativity into a profit!

I love finding alternative ways of living that fit in with my family’s lifestyle, whether that means finding a new way of learning something, using something, or making money!

To be honest my blog is still evolving and changing as time goes on, but I just knew I had to start expressing myself creatively again!

I created this blog in hopes to inspire other moms to do what they love, to love their uniqueness, and to know that it’s never too late to go for your dreams!

We’re all just learning as we go, and I want to prove that by being open and honest about my journey as an artist, mom, entrepreneur, and woman! So often we put our best and bravest faces on for the public eye, and it creates an impossible standard that no one is actually following. Let’s break some stigmas, shall we?

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